DELTA®-FL is a dimpled, heavy-duty, plastic membrane for concrete and slab-on-grade floors that helps to keep moisture out of basements by providing a reliable capillary break and vapor barrier. The air gap allows the water vapor pressure above and below the concrete slab to equalize, and prevents moisture from migrating further inward, providing a thermal break to increase basement comfort.


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DELTA® is a registered trademark of Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, Germany.


DELTA®-DRAIN is a highly effective drainboard with an HDPE drainage core that allows incoming water to freely drain to the footing perimeter that controls the flow of below-grade water. Its high water-flow capacity ensures effective drainage. This product is suitable for almost any application in residential and light commercial construction.

DELTA®-MS Covers the Foundation Cracks Sprays Can’t 


The DELTA®-MS foundation protection system is impermeable to water and provides reliable foundation protection for the driest, most comfortable, and longest-lasting basements in the business.

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The proof is in the building science! In this webinar, Dr. Joe, the founding principal of Building Science Corporation, explains how to provide superior protection for below-grade living spaces.

A basement dampproofing product that won't compromise protection.

Wall Waterproofing with DELTA®-MS

Install DELTA®-MS on your foundation in any kind of weather without the protective gear required for asphalt sprays and without having to wait for the concrete to completely cure before you start, for faster installation and better protection. DELTA®-MS is available in many sizes to cover any foundation with a minimum of overlaps and seams. The high compressive strength of the membrane is achieved due to a special dimple design and pattern, and ensures sustainable protection and wall waterproofing of foundation walls up to 12 ft. below grade.

How to Install DELTA®-MS

From planning to application, DELTA®-MS is the easy and cost-effective foundation protection solution.

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The exclusive design of the DELTA®-MS protection system uses a vacuum-formed dimple pattern to create an air-gap between the membrane and the foundation, allowing any incidental water getting past the dimpled membrane to flow freely to the perimeter footing drain.

DELTA®-MS is a co-extruded product, made of 60% recycled and 40% new materials; the use of virgin HDPE outside layers makes it highly durable.

DELTA®-MS is supported by an extensive certified-installer program, designed to ensure effective installation for guaranteed product performance.

Certified Installer 

Air-Gap Technology

Get the Most Durable Membrane in the Market

Builders can be confident in the protection of DELTA®-MS – it bridges foundation cracks, meaning no water intrusion, optimal comfort and healthy living spaces for homeowners, and fewer warranty claims and call-backs.

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